Sunday, October 22, 2006

Polar Bears In A Snowstorm Bento

On top: edamame; rice crackers; gyoza; and a strawberry of soy sauce
On bottom: white rice and nori
Comments: A quickie bento for my trip to PA. Was delish. *knods*
Prepare time: 15 min?

Kerropi Bento

On top: simply asia sweet and sour chow mein; strawberries; carrots; mini pickles
On bottom: kerropi onigiri(rice; lettace; nori; daikon; strawberry bits); doriyaki
Comments: Wheeeee! Yet another character bento. I adore the little frog so here we go.
Prepare time: ???

Baaa Bento

On left: carrot sticks; daikon; watermelon
On right: fried rice; white rice; lettace; daikon; nori; carrots letters
Comments: Baaaaaaa!
Prepare time: ???

Kiki Bento

On left: rice; brocolli; carrots
On right: anpan; strawberries; rice crackers
Comments: Made when I became re-obsessed with heh.
Prepare time: who knows...