Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fire Nation Bento

Left tier: white rice, spicy curry powder, and nori
Right tier: "fire flakes", soy chicken/steak, and super spicy mexican rice
Comments: Just tried to think what would go in a Fire Nation bento. ;p
Time: idk... :\

Avatar: The Last Airbento

Left tier: rice, carrots, fried rice, daikon, lettuce, nori, and broccolli

Right tier: anpan cake, cucumber, edamame, daikon, tomatoe, and carrots.

Comments: XP
Time: no clue... was a month or so back...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wonderella Bento

Left: yakisoba, strawberry, mochi, fruit leather, mini saltine crackers
Right: white rice, carrot, edamame, strawberry, fruit leather, banana
Comments: She can't fly but she can jump hella high! It's Wonderella!
Prep time: 20 min.

Joker Bento

Left: lotus root, carrots, strawberry, fruit leather, tofu fishies, grapes
Right: white rice, nori, brocolli, strawberry smile, walnuts, peanuts, almonds
Comments: Lots of nuts... because he's nuts.... get it? lol. ;p
Prep time: What your out of when you meet him

Batman Bento

Left: rice cakes, nori, veggie crackers, strawberry, vegan shrimp, edamame, carrot bats
Right: white rice, nori, furikake, carrot
Comments: Na na Na na Na na Na na... BATMAN!
Prep Time: What Batman needs to defeat anyone

Give me a Carrot Bento

Contents: white rice, brocolli, carrots, nori, grapes, soba, lettuce, strawberry
Comments: Bunny!
Prep time: ...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bunny Farmer Bento

Left: white rice, brocolli, carrots, furikake, nori
Right: croquettes, rice crackers, carrots, brocolli, strawberries
Comments: Meh.
Prep Time: between 0 and some other number ;p

Snowman Bento

Contents: white rice, edamame, soba, vegan teriyaki chickn, shitake mushrooms, nori furikake, nori, carrot
Comments: Heh, long time no post. If you can't tell this is one from back in winter... of last year. ;p
With college I sort of haven't packed as often though I will be updating with the ones I have. More after work.
Prep time: 20 min. I suppose.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Polar Bears In A Snowstorm Bento

On top: edamame; rice crackers; gyoza; and a strawberry of soy sauce
On bottom: white rice and nori
Comments: A quickie bento for my trip to PA. Was delish. *knods*
Prepare time: 15 min?

Kerropi Bento

On top: simply asia sweet and sour chow mein; strawberries; carrots; mini pickles
On bottom: kerropi onigiri(rice; lettace; nori; daikon; strawberry bits); doriyaki
Comments: Wheeeee! Yet another character bento. I adore the little frog so here we go.
Prepare time: ???

Baaa Bento

On left: carrot sticks; daikon; watermelon
On right: fried rice; white rice; lettace; daikon; nori; carrots letters
Comments: Baaaaaaa!
Prepare time: ???

Kiki Bento

On left: rice; brocolli; carrots
On right: anpan; strawberries; rice crackers
Comments: Made when I became re-obsessed with gaiaonline.com heh.
Prepare time: who knows...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Weather Bento

On left: rice; nori; furikake; carrot bits
On right: seiben crackers; rice crackers; edamame; carrots; soy ginger chicken
Comments: La vetero estas malbona=the weather sucked. It looked like it was going to be hurricane like though in the end passed fairly well, even before I got around to eating! Made after a trip to Fortune, local asian supermarket, thus the new goodies. I had great hopes for the soy ginger chicken after discovering that Fortune had a vegetarian/vegan section in the back of the frozen goods yet... it made me sick. :( Maybe I should give up on non-nugget like chicken replacement foods as they always hurt my stomache.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Treasure Chest Bento

Contents: edamame; carrot sticks; brocolli; gold coin gummies; red grapes; rice; nori; shitake mushrooms; strawberry bits
Comments: This was made during my buzz over the new POTC movie. ;p
Prepare time: 25 min.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Kiddy Days Bento

On top: botan rice candy; non-gelatin based jellcups; and bisquik anpan
On bottom: rice; soy octodogs; carrots; and nori
Comments: n/a
Prepare time: 20 min.

Graduation Bento

On left:
mushrooms; rice; carrots; edamame
On right: carrot & cucumber sushi
Comments: Made for a party the Friday before graduation. *grin*
Prepare time: 25 min.

On left: curry; lettace; carrots; strawberry; and water chestnuts
On right: rice; carrots; nori; furikake; kale
Comments: Made for graduation day to eat between graduation and all-night grad party.
Prepare time: 25 min.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Raccoon Bento

On left:
On right:
Comments: If I hadn't slept in to late I would have boiled more brocolli and mixed some soy sauce into the rice for the raccoon so he wouldn't be white... ;p
My appetite problem is back and I hardly wish to eat anymore, nibbled at my bento but not much more... *sighs*
Today was the last offical day of classes though I have two finals to take(math analysis & japanese III) so two more school bento to come before... well should I pack when I go to college? Would there be purpose in that? I'll still pack for work and certain activities though...
Prepare time: 15 min.

'X' Marks The Bento

On left: rice; nori; blueberries
On right: water chestnuts; carrots; asparagus w/ sesame seeds; and nori
Comments: Bento for work on 6/11...
Another show of pirateness after finding my lost skull pendant, *grin* I always wanted to find some buried treasure then have someone else dig it up for me, lol. Put some of my coins leftover from 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' as the background.
Prepare time: 25 min.