Sunday, April 30, 2006

Demona Bento

On left: zaru soba; apple moon; daikon castle; broccoli; and edamame
On right: demona(blue rice; apple crest thingie; strawberry eyes, lips, and hair)
Comments: This is what happens when I'm up at midnight obsessing over bento and gargoyles all at once. WTF... She has a nose, it just isn't visable against the rest of the 'skin'. Her crown/crest thingie was hell to cut since the apple kept breaking whenever I managed to shape it right resulting in having to start over with another piece(happened about four times). The zaru soba craving came from 'The Vegan Lunchbox' entry on it. My castle looks good for slipping in and out of tiredness while cutting it. Overal I like how it turned out and can't wait to eat it... when I wake up.
.... I just realised I'm going to be eating Demona... eating... *hits self* OKAY... SLEEP NOW!!!! XD
Prepare time: 30 min.

Friday, April 28, 2006

S.O.S. Curry Bento

On left: edamame; strawberries; curry croquettes
On right: white rice; lentils; curry; fruit leather person
Comments: Woke up way late again(meaning no Jeanie bento-wouldn't have gotten to school in time to give it to her) and was lucky to find some rice and curry left in the fridge. Not the best looking bento though... ummmmm... who can say no to curry? *grin* CURRY!!!! So uber delish. It's got carrots, tofu, and potatoes.
Prepare time: 10-15 min.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Penguin Love Bento

On top: chicken-free nuggets; edamame; strawberries; asian pear bits; carrot fish
On bottom: white rice; fruit leather; strawberry heart; carrot
Comments: Awwwwww, theys in wuv. Guess I wasn't too hungry today, ended up leaving behind two of the chicken-free nuggets, most the strawberries, and a chunk or two of the pear. All in all it was delish though. Yay for fruit leather and how easy it is to cut compared to nori when in a hurry! ;p
Not sure what else to say, thinking of packing Jeanie a bento tomorrow along with my own. Shhhh, it's a secret until then. Debating between a cute theme or an ICP theme. Oh yeah, giving a presentation in Japanese Club on May 9th about bento. Thinking of packing all my bento boxes with the most basic of lunches and sharing them with the group. Will make up for not getting to pack a picnic bento for them when the cherry blossum viewing was cancelled on account of rain.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Day of Silence(4/26) Bento

On top: fruit salad(grape; strawberry; mandrian oranges; and banana); fruit leather letters
On bottom: rainbow rice ;p
Comments: This bento is so gay. Or should I say it's rather fruity? Yep, yesterday was the day of silence so I packed this. Had to look up rainbows in google about 3-4 times while making this since I kept forgetting. *hits self* ROYGBV!!! lol.
Didn't post this yesterday because even though my verbal silence ended when school did I kept up the hardest part on computer/internet silence. ;p
...Ross found the rice hilarious... as did I.
Prepare time: 15-20 min.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Outcast Penguin Bento

On top: somen noodles; edamame; soy octodogs; baby corn; carrot slices; water chestnuts; curry croquette; romane lettace; strawberry of soy sauce
On bottom: white rice; nori; carrot
Comments: In some ways I just wanted to see how much food variety I could manage to pack in one bento thus resulting in a bento that after munching on through three blocks in school still has all the baby corn(3), the lettace, a water chestnut(1), and one of the penguins left.
Weird penguins... poor oddball penguin. Don't ask, I don't really know. Except that I wanted to make penguins. Though I like em... maybe I shouldn't have been lazy and done more with the outcast one though. It was early and I was getting tired, though I did feel very productive this morning.
Prepare time: who knows...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Incentive to Wake Up On Time Bento

Contents: yakisoba(carrots & broccoli); curry croquettes; Star Wars gummies(veg friendly! and taken from my lil' bro's stash)
Comments: This is what I call waking up way too late to do anything and trying to cram a few filling foods into the bento box before dashing out the door. *sigh* Not to say it was bad it's just... plain and needed a bit more variety. Missed veggies, beyond those in the soba. Though this was the first time packing my orange box for school and people found it adorable... Jeanie even molested it with her tounge ring. I know weird people.
Prepare time: 10-15 min.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sushi Bento

Contents: 4 rolls/2 inside-out rolls(carrot & cucumber); inari sushi; three daikon bunnies; and a strawberry of soy sauce
Comments: It started out as a quick sushi filled bento box after realising I haven't had sushi in what feels like forever and somehow evolved into this. Something is seriously wrong with me.
Looks like a delish work dinner bento though.
Prepare time: 45 min.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Extreme Rebel Sheep

On left: white rice w/ furikake; sheep(scrambled tofu, daikon, nori, pea pod mohawk)
On right: rebel yakisoba(carrots, broccoli, califlower, peanuts, chickpeas, soydog, corn.. i think that was all...)
Comments: WTF?! is that! *shudder* The I tried to think of what someone who would be completely grudge/anarchy loving would put in their yakisoba... so I started out with the normal soba, carrots, and broccoli though warped it with anything I thought would be weird. Did I succeed? In all it didn't taste too bad.
Wish the sheep was alittle more visable, click on it for a bigger view and more detail!
Prepare time: 40 min.

Spagetti Dinner Bento

On left: da noodles and oregano
On right: tomatoe sauce and torn up bits of bread
Comments: Wanted something simple and good for my work bento so... spagetti dinner it is. Uber simple and quick and beyond alittle fuss with the noodles sticking together, as they tend to do when sitting for a bit, it was all delish. Though it was a tad cold, and I hardly mind cold food, the tightness of my box retained some of the warmth and if my work had a mircowave I might have been tempted to zap it. Heh. *grins* Yay for new boxes being microwave safe! Anywho... it's spagetti what more can I say?
Prepare time: 15 min.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rebel Sheep Bento

On top: lettace; carrots; curry croquette; rice crackers; and grapple letters
On bottom: rice(yellow, purple, green, and blue); daikon; and nori
Comments: When younger we had this joke about rebel sheep... don't ask. Maybe darker colors would have saved these sheepy from being eastery looking.
Though I normally make it the morning of this bento I made the night before... the only issue being that I didn't make the rice as moist as normal resulting in it being alittle hard to pick up with the chopsticks due to utter lack of stickiness, *sigh* Other than that, great meal!
Prepare time: 40 min.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jeanie Bento

On top: "me"(white rice, nori, strawberry); "her"(brown rice, udon noodles, strawberry); edamame; strawberry hearts
On bottom: fruit salad(mandrian oranges, banana, grapes, and strawberries); tofu croquette; veggie flavored rice crackers
Comments: *blush* No comment.
Prepare time: 45 min.

Fresh Juicy Orange and Smile Juicy Twins

My newest bento boxes arrived today from the 'Kawaii Corner' ebay store The 'fresh juicy orange' reads: "Do you feel happiness? The weather is fortunate on good Sunday" and the 'smile juicy twins' cherries: "We friend cherries. It becomes glad if shaken to a warm wind." Both include a speak bubble with "Good afternoon. How are you?" I love engrish. Pure genuis. Below them are the leaf and grass dividers I got with my last box.

Plain 'ol Bento

On left: Veggie Veg Lo Mein
On right: Strawberries; mandrian oranges; and grapes
Comments: I woke up oh say... 20-30 minutes before I had to get out the door to school so... yeah. Leftover noodles and a retake on the red, orange, green fruits combo. So plain I know though the noodles where more than filling. Only major downfall, beyond the no design, was my mistake of saving my strawberries for afterschool and for the second time loosing them to the vultures, Elizabeth and Brit this time *sobs*
Prepare time: 5 min.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Creatures of the Deep Bento

On top: blue rice; carrots; soy octodogs; lettace leaves
On bottom: grapes; watermelon; mandrian oranges
Comments: Not a fan of the beach/summer, at least during the day, though that's what inspired this bento. Got some soy octodogs and carrot fish swimming in a pool of blue rice on top and a selection of fruits for the bottom as nothings better for summer than juicy good fruits. Heh, the tastes blended together from no dividers to create a very 'fruit salad' taste.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello Kitty Bento

On top: white rice; broccolli; strawberry; nori; tiniest bit of corn
On bottom: curry croquettes; edamame; strawberries; aduki beans; okra
Comments: Curse you Sanrio! You and your.. kitty. ;p Then again it's all Autumn's fault, though I'm sure she doesn't know it. Her and her love of the kitty. Couldn't resist a Hello Kitty bento any longer.
Oh I also couldn't wait to try making/tasting the curry croquettes, pretty good. The only issue with this is that the edamame come from a new bag of edamame that is the unsalted kind and taste a little less than thrilling, pretty good either way though so no great loss.
Prepare time: 40 min.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Blurry Picture/Traditonal Bento

On left: white rice & umeboshi
On right: octodogs; carrots; edamame; sliced grapple
Comments: First of all I apologize for the picture... Basically I could find the battery for my camera this morning so I used my sister's camera, which sucks, then found out that she lost the cord for it so I had to take a picture of the screen of her camera with my camera and... yeah. ;p
Basically the whole thing with this bento was simplity. Just a traditional plain bento with little morning prep, the rice is leftover from last night's dinner. Though it's simplicity is no issue as it was all great and filling.
Prepare time: 15 min.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Eastery Bento

On left:
Inari-sushi(w/ daikon rabbits/ears); carrots(carrots, nori, celery leaves)
On right: purple soba; daikon eggs; tofu croquettes; soy sauce strawberry
Comments: I might not celebrate easter but this was too much to resist, besides on actual easter I've already planned a different themed bento. Bunny pouches and carrots made of more than carrots. Felt the need to make up for the lack of bento yesterday, lol. Did it work?
Prepare time: 45 min.

Friday, April 14, 2006

No Bento Today...

I planned to make a bento today yet...
10:30 A.M. = Get woken up by Ena asking if I e-mailed PETA and asking me to go to court houses
10:31 A.M. = Back to sleep
11:30 A.M. = Get out of bed, put on rice, begin to get inari ready...
11:40 A.M. = Ena calls and says PETA called, they're coming to pick me up right that instant!
11:42 A.M. = Frantic rush to clean up (rice almost cooked so scoop some for a quick onigiri and put rest in fridge, put away inari..... until....
11:58 A.M. = Ena arrives and it's off to PETA
12:30 P.M. = Arrive at PETA, sign in, retrieve lunches from kitchen(veggie BLTs), then get to work
3:40 P.M. = Leave PETA and go to MacAuthur Mall
5:50 P.M. = Leave Mall for home...
6:20 P.M. = Arrive home and settle down to post this... :p

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kitty Bento

On left: white rice; nori; carrots
On right: tofu croquettes; edamame; cantalope; vegan chocolate chip cookie
Comments: Wheeee.... a bento of firsts.... First time packing with this box. First time making tofu croquettes. First time having a brand name vegan cookie(gotten from the PETA workparty last night). First time having cantalope in 2006? ;p Anywho I think it looks okay, sans the edamame who decided to defy the divider and settle in with the croquettes. This new box is different in that there's alot more room in the top teir than the bottom making it less 'rice friendly' than the other(rice goes in the bottom). *sigh* Oh well this is still about 1/2-1/3 cup dry rice.
Prepare time: 45 min.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Bento Box!!!

Just before I headed out into the world for the day with my Bear Bento the postperson arrived with a much expected package. My new box! Yes... it is also blue, but I also ordered a pink and orange one that'll arrive within a week or so. I'm addicted! Anywho this one is so nice since it came with it's own chopsticks. It measures 6.5 inches x 3.25 inches x 3.5 inches and is a welcome addition. Definitely works for my planned Sunday bento. May use it tomorrow.

Bear Bento

On left:
strawberries; carrots; bamboo shoots; broccoli
On right: white rice; chicken-free nuggets; broccoli; lettace leaves; nori; carrot bow
Comments: "It's raining broccoli!" Is what my sister declared when looking at this. ;p I'm not too fond of bears though this guy was floating around in my head demanding to be made to... yeah. Bearness and a somewhat uninspired second teir to go with it. Got fed up with his nori shirt-thingie and finally held it down with ketchup... wonder how it'll taste.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rabbit Food Bento

On left: white rice; furikake; daikon; nori; tofu scramble
On right: tomato; celery; carrots; salad
Comments: Curse you easter and your bunnies! What can I say but super easy daikon bunnies. ;p I'd say the veggie-ful teir is due to laziness but the truth is that I felt the overpowering need to pack rabbit friendly foods in the second half... as though the daikon bunnies would get hungry. *sigh* Something's horribly wrong with me... I swear. *munches carrot stick*
Prepare time: 30 min.

When eating this at work I was so bored as to pick up the last bunny and make it hop across the furikake while humming 'Little Bunny Foo Foo' to myself. It's offical... bento can make you regress in age... XD

Monday, April 10, 2006

No-So-Spooky Bento

On left: baby corn; carrots; daikon ghostie; bamboo shoots; mushrooms; edamame; vegan chick'n
On right: white rice; nori; mushrooms skulls
Comments: In light of all the cutsey bento I must reclaim my gothness, even if it is in a quickie bento for work the somehow turned out alittle bit cute anyways. *sigh*
This was all rushed and I'd planned more to go with the web yet in my rush was happy to realise that mushrooms might make good skulls, threw them together, snapped this shot, and ran off to get ready for work. *knods*
This was really my first, and hopefully only, rushed bento of Spring Break due to the idea of going to the store before making it, to get more veggies, and then putting off making it until about an hour before work(like to have half an hour to get ready and get there leaving only 30 min for making this and cleaning up...)
Prepare time: 30 min.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kamikaze Girls Bento

On left: Momoko Bento(pink rice; azuki beans; colorful heart daikon; strawberries; edamame; and... cabbage ^.^)
On right: Ichiko Bento(white rice; strawberry bit; yakisoba; torn up spring roll; and... cabbage)
Comments: No news on the picnic, *sigh* So I made myself a bento for the day. Anyone who's ever seen kamikaze girls would get this bento and anyone who hasn't seen it should!
Heh, I went so far as to try and act like each girl when making their part. Momoko-chan's took forever! For Ichiko's I had to fight carefully arranging the spring roll between the cabbage and yakisoba... thus the storm of a bento. As for the cabbage in both... again WATCH KAMIKAZE GIRLS!!!!
I love how they came out. Even though I'm sure Momoko-chan would shun mine since it lacks any actual snack/dessert foods and Ichiko wouldn't really care at all what it looks like or what's in it. *shrug*
Prepare time: 40 min.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weird Love(?) Bento

On top: Hitonigiri("rice people?" rice, soy sauce, soba noodles, nori); carrot hearts; and broccoli
On bottom: banana slices; grapes; nori maki rice crackers; shitake mushrooms; and carrots
Comments: What happens when an emo falls for a ganguro? This bento apparently. Yes... the weird one with the soba hair is a ganguro, so sad. Don't ask about it. I was looking at cookie cutters and found one human shaped so... yeah that doesn't even begin to act as an explanation. Basically all I really can say is the picnic was cancelled today due to rain & change in plans leaving me bored... I should never be bored and left to my own whims least stuff of this nature is to be produced. ^.^
Either way it was good and filling sans yucky mushrooms and soggy rice crackers. *grins* Tee hee.
Prepare time: 40 min.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Nyanko Bento

On left: Carrot Nyanko(white rice, orange rice, nori); lettace
On right: strawberries; gyoza; and veggie flavored rice crackers
Comments: You try looking at Nyan Nyan Nyanko pics for an hour and NOT do this... ^.^ It was fun to make even if it was a bit big for the bento box and even though I didn't even need to make bento today, NO SCHOOL!!!! Spring Break started though I find myself not wanting to stop making stuff. So I guess this will be eaten sometime between normal lunch and dinner times... don't really eat normal meals on most days.
Looks so yummy... can't wait!
Prepare time: 40 min.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fugly Cherry Blossums Bento

On top: white rice; pink rice; nori; soy cheese; furikake
On bottom: edamame; carrot bits; vegan chick'n strips
Comments: I call it fugly because in my rush I decided to back up the nori with soy cheese so I could cut it into the shapes easier... unfortunately that made it so an unattractive aura of orange soy cheese goop appears to be radiating from the trees, blah.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bunny Bento

On top: two usaginigiri("bunny rice balls" rice, nori, carrot-shaped carrots); strawberry; 1 edamame; yasai fumi furikake; more rice...
On bottom: broccoli; edamame; yakiudon w/ carrots
Comments: Got to thinking about easter and so... Peep-shaped onigiri bunnies! I hit myself whenever I start thinking about having cut carrots into carrot shapes because it's just so... redundant? Lol.
Anywho it was all great and filling though I'm iffy on the yakiudon....yakisoba is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!!! Oh well, what's done is done and in the end all was okay.
Prepare time: 40 min.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heart Bento

On top: sakura onigiri(pink food coloring, anko, rice, sugar) & white rice
On bottom: blood oranges; edamame; spring rolls; strawberry of soy sauce; and azuki beans
Comments: Blah... bentoer's block. Anywho saw the sakura onigiri thing on and had to try it, unfortunately it was way too sweet for my tastes, only ate a third of it. Might make some for the picnic anyways incase someone likes them, may just be because I haven't been eating any candy or sweets lately that it was that way for me. Yeah... the rest is rather uninspired and boring in my opinion. Maybe I'll get over my hay fever enough today to do some shopping...
Prepare time: 40 min.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I <3 Curry Bento

On left: white rice; carrot hearts; and curry(onions, potatoe, and carrot)
On right: lettuce; carrot hearts; cucumber; celery; and nori maki rice crackers
Comments: I love curry. Was rather good and filling. Yet I think I made too many hearts... and feel the overal design is lacking. Need more veggie variety! Yet can't find anything beyond the mundane normal veggies. A trip to the asian supermarket is needed! *writes on list of things to do* Tomorrow I plan on a bento practicing some ideas for the Cherry Blossum Bento on Saturday. *grins*
Prepare time: 30 min.

Bowling Tournament Bento(s)

.snack bento.
on left: daikon, carrots, edamame
on right: 20 mini pretzels
comments: Going to a bowling tournament I decided to pack this as a real quick snack not knowing if I would find vegan friendly foods at the other alley(not a real meal since only bowling 3 games)
prepare time: 10 min.

.bowling bento.
on top: rice and nori
on bottom: chicken-free nuggets, carrots, strawberries, mochi, and celery
comments: For the second day of the bowling tournament we played six games so I packed a more proper bento, this time themed. If you can't guess the kata over the bowling ball and pins says 'Bouringu' or 'Bowling'. This a pretty good meal though I lost a few bits of strawberry to my mother-person and only ate a small bit of the mochi, despite there being so little to begin with, I'd knicked it off the Japanese club food sale during the Mikado, okay, that's a lie... Alex said I could swipe it since they didn't think they'd sell anymore.
prepare time: 30 min.