Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kamikaze Girls Bento

On left: Momoko Bento(pink rice; azuki beans; colorful heart daikon; strawberries; edamame; and... cabbage ^.^)
On right: Ichiko Bento(white rice; strawberry bit; yakisoba; torn up spring roll; and... cabbage)
Comments: No news on the picnic, *sigh* So I made myself a bento for the day. Anyone who's ever seen kamikaze girls would get this bento and anyone who hasn't seen it should!
Heh, I went so far as to try and act like each girl when making their part. Momoko-chan's took forever! For Ichiko's I had to fight carefully arranging the spring roll between the cabbage and yakisoba... thus the storm of a bento. As for the cabbage in both... again WATCH KAMIKAZE GIRLS!!!!
I love how they came out. Even though I'm sure Momoko-chan would shun mine since it lacks any actual snack/dessert foods and Ichiko wouldn't really care at all what it looks like or what's in it. *shrug*
Prepare time: 40 min.

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