Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spagetti Dinner Bento

On left: da noodles and oregano
On right: tomatoe sauce and torn up bits of bread
Comments: Wanted something simple and good for my work bento so... spagetti dinner it is. Uber simple and quick and beyond alittle fuss with the noodles sticking together, as they tend to do when sitting for a bit, it was all delish. Though it was a tad cold, and I hardly mind cold food, the tightness of my box retained some of the warmth and if my work had a mircowave I might have been tempted to zap it. Heh. *grins* Yay for new boxes being microwave safe! Anywho... it's spagetti what more can I say?
Prepare time: 15 min.

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