Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kitsune Bento

On top: carrot & daikon salad w/ dressing; kitsune udon
On bottom: rice; carrot; nori; furikake
Comments: Kitsune udon with kitsune eating kitsune udon, sensei was estatic. ;p She was also jealous of my Hello Kitty box.
In all this was a good meal though the noodles being so filling, and a tad too sweet, I only ate half of them.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kiki's Delivery Bento

On left: Simply Asia sesame noodles; edamame; carrot sticks; daikon; strawberry
On right: rice; 1 noodle; nori; carrot letters; furikake; and strawberry bow
Comments: Used to love this movie when I was little. Jiji didn't come out as nice as I would have liked though. Either way it was an uber delish bento today. The noodles, when I first made them yesterday, where okay though too soaked in the sauce to enjoy yet in the bento where soooooo good I wanted more.
Ate all my edamame, noodles, and rice though left a few daikon slices, all the strawberry, and three bits of carrot.
Prepare time: 25 min.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tiger Bento

On left: rice; carrot; daikon; nori; furikake
On right: carrot; daikon; croquettes; veggie stir fry; and strawberry of soy sauce
Comments: Testing the packing of the Hello Kitty head bento. Turns out that despite it's size just like any other box with proper packing skills it's more than enough food. This bento was easy to make since it involved all foods that I'd already premade all of it, still have some left in the frig. *grin*
Prepare time: 20 min.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gothy Bento

On left: white rice; yasai furikake; nori; daikon
On right: soyboy raviolli(sp?); heart croquette; strawberry; and vegan chocolate
Comments: A gothloli design for a gothloli box. May also have something to do with the never going to bed too... Made a batch of croquettes at 3am along with some other small tidbits of bento/me friendly foods for easier meal prep.
Can't wait to eat this bento, despite the lack of veggies which I made up for in my snack box w/ edamame!... I HAD to have the strawberry it came from this pack we got last night which has what have to be the most gorgeous and plump strawberries I have ever seen.... In fact that should be breakfast. ^.^
Off to school... and strawberries....
Prepare time: ???

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jbox Order Arrived!!!

Got two Hello Kitty boxes, an ochadog box, and a gothic butterfly box today. :D

Mousy Bento

On top: spring rolls; brocolli; carrot sticks; strawberry of sou sauce
On bottom: chopped lettuce; cheese shaped carrots; rice mice
Comments: AHHHHHH!!! It's back to school at 7:00 now that SOLs are over though I slept in due to my resentment of no longer getting to sleep til' 8am. ;p Just a pair of innocent little mice. Top teir was filling though would have been more interesting had the clock not reached time to go so fast, lol. Not a big fan of unboiled/steamed brocolli though I managed. The lettuce turned into a snack like thing as I munched on it while working on my computer work in Marketing.
Prepare time: 25 min.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No bento today.... *tear*

My lunch today was 6 saltine crackers from a bag I grabbed on my way out the door... so sad.

Chemistry SOL Bento (5/23)

On top: three soy octodoggies; ketchup in container; banana; mixed veggies
On bottom: rice; soy octodog; daikon goggles, beaker, and flask; strawberry letters
Comments: It says 'kagaku' or 'chemistry'. Had the chemistry SOL to deal with so had the soy-octodoggies cheer me up about it. ;p Was rather delish.
Prepare time: 45 min.

Turkey Bento

On left: kiwi; asian pear; strawberry; somen; Boca spicy 'chicken' pattie
On right: three strikes onigiri w/ mashed up curry potatoe filling; ketchup
Comments: A bento I made for bowling. Love the way it looks despite the minimal design aspect. The onigiri where great. Only downfall of this bento was, unlike the onigiri, I failed to get a turkey(three strikes in a row)
Prepare time: 30 min.

Panda Bento (#2) (5/22)

On left: daikon; edamame; bamboo shoots
On right: rice; nori; lettuce; and bamboo shoots
Comments: Bamboo shoots are okay and all though they give everything they touch a weird taste. XP Nothing too exciting about this, just a simple white/green/yellow theme with a cuddly ittle panda bear.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Hello Kitty Nori Bento (5/20)

Top: white rice & 'Hello Kitty' nori cutouts
Bottom: salad; edamame; walnuts; and strawberries
Comments: Got my Hello Kitty nori cutouts in the mail so threw together this quickie bento for work. Glare messed up the picture though.
Prepare time: 20 min.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Unicorn Bento

On top: veggie ramen; carrots; gyoza; strawberry of soy sauce
On bottom: white rice; daikon; brocolli; carrot bits
Comments: Today was my friend Brookie's B-day and Brookie loves unicorns, so... yeah. Was a really good bento, rather filling though I didn't finish my ramen/carrots/brocolli. First time making my own variety of ramen and was delish.
Not sure what more to day except wish I'd noticed the missing spots in the brocolli so I could put more in.
Prepare time: 35 min.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'WHY?!' Bento

On left: mandrians; banana; asian pear; kiwi
On right: tofu scramble; bunny(rice & nori); carrot
Comments: I don't know. *shrug* This week and next are SOL weeks so I'm out of it, school only lasts about 4 hours these weeks *grin* Not much of a bento here. Messed up the tofu scramble so it tasted alittle off. The rice was the best I'd had in a while, have no clue what made it better than other times. Wasn't a fan of the fruit today as it got all overly moist.
Tomorrow is Bento Day! for the japanese club, or rather it's the day I'll do a bento presentation. Wish me luck! as I'll need it with the slump I've been in. Oy.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Geisha Doll Bento

On left: white rice; nori; strawberry; yasai furikake
On right: carrot; daikon; cucumber; hand rolled sushi; strawberry of soy sauce
Comments: I planned this better than it ended up though found it to be only 5 minutes before I had to be out the door and me still in my sleepwear resulting in... It's not bad really, I actually like the left teir, though I do feel I could have done better.
Oh well it was still good enough. *grin*
Prepare time: 35 min.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wild Animals Bento

On top: shitake mushrooms; green pepper alligator; salad; edamame; daikon zebra
On bottom: lion(rice, nori, soba, somen, and udon)
Comments: *shrug* No clue why. Started with the lion and became something overdone. As for the lion itself I went to choose which noodle should be used for the mane and couldn't decided so... I put them all in. ^.^
Didn't really finish this though my appetite's gone since my last bento which I'd eaten everything. Thinking back maybe I should have packed bento this past weekend as I missed my meals before dinner(normally eat breakfast while packing) due to not having it. *sigh*
Prepare time: 45 min.

Friday, May 12, 2006

'Bonan tagon' Bento

On left: brown rice; carrot letters; onigiri(white rice & nori)
On right: yakisoba; edamame; daikon
Comments: I'm learning esperanto. Not familiar with the language? Lookie here: I don't know much yet though I do know the simple 'bonan tagon!' meaning 'good day'/'hello'! *grin* Onigiri-man seems to like this.
Unintentional blanka, nigra, verda, bruna color scheme. ;p Again I re-iterate that early posting comment on my dorkiness.
Prepare time: 35 min.

Zombie Kitty Bento

On top: Amy's Bowl: brown rice & veggies; zombie kitty(nori, rice, lettace); brains(mochi bits)
On bottom: carrot; lettuce; tofu fishies; waterchestnuts; and lemon slices
Comments: I woke up way late again but this time... muhahahaha... this time I managed to salvage face and put on a good presentation. Presenting one of my own little creations: Zombie Kitty! 'Born' of one of the originial attempts by the Hive to use the T-Virus on animals. Now 'it' walks the earth munching on brains and mifu (tofu mice). ^.^
I AM A DORK! Lol. Sensei seemed to love it. And I think I've found that my orange/cherry bento boxes are the best size for me as I managed to finish most of this. *grin* All that remains is a bit of lettuce, a grain or so of rice, leftover mochi bits, and two chestnuts.
Prepare time: 20 min.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Plain American Bento

On left: twin soydoggies in rye; veggie crisp chips (potatoe, tomato, and spinach flavored)
On right: ritz w/ carrot flower; fruit salad
Comments: I failed. Xp I tried to think American for a bento and failed. The one on the left was okay, I suppose though I still dislike it *shrug* Oh well another lesson in hauling my lazy arse out of bed in the morning, ;p Oh well... the Marketing teachers still found the faces on the soydoggies to be quite darling. lol.
Prepare time: 5 min.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nurse Onigiri Bento

On top: leftover Amy's Bowls: Brown Rice & Veggies; edamame; strawberry & kiwi
On bottom: onigiri(two w/ yasai furikake & 1 wrapped in nori); daikon bits; strawberry bit
Comments: Went to the doctor today. These onigiri where soooo cute since they are really tiny, think quarter sized and increase that by just a little bit. About 2 1/2" each. ;p The Amy's Bowls rice was really good too. *knods*
Prepare time: 20 min.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Spring Bunny Bento

On left: rice(white & purple); cucumber butterfly; strawberry roses; nori
On right: kebabs(tofu, green pepper, and onion); carrot flowers
Comments: This bento can also be called the 'Asia got veggie cutters' bento. I was at the store Saturday found all these little cookie cutters in the arts & craft section. They had a romance pack, an animal pack, and a general pack. I got the romance pack because it had flowers and hearts. ;p
The only drawback of this bento would be in my lack of appetite lately. I ate the tofu, nibbed the veggies, and forced down half the rice. Don't know what's up with me, it was all delish yet... I just wasn't feeling up to eating. Then again I packed one of the snack containers with about six or seven of these veggie chips and ate all those... though 6-7 chips hardly qualifies as spoiling my appetite... right?
Not sure if there will be bento tomorrow, I have AP Gov't testing in the morning. *shudder*
Prepare time: 35 min.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wake Up Bento

On top: tofu scramble; mandrians; asian pear; fruit loops; and Kashi cinnamon wheat
On bottom: white rice; nori; carrot; daikon; okonomiyaki
Comments: Yay, a nice simple breakfast foods bento. Made after I slept through the morning hours, lol. Nice little bed of carrots for a me made of a daikon face/hand and nori hair/arm. Despite not being quite what I wanted in the top, due to finding the house rather void of fruits, it still turned out pretty okay. *grin* Hope I have time to eat it all at work.
Prepare time: 45 min.(would have been shorter if I hadn't hit it before pressing the nori down firmly thus sending everything scattering across the table... ruining it.... *sigh*)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Kodomo no Hi Bento (take two)

On top: white rice; nori
On bottom: mandrian oranges; edamame; mochi bits(what didn't make the cut into actual mochi, lol); carrot slices; faux chick'n strips
Comments: Needed a bento for work so packed up my lil' Moomin Valley box with a take two on the Kodomo no Hi theme. Nothing too special though good enough to keep me from snacking on the store's food.
*sigh* Seems today is not a good day for second teir design. Something just seems off in the color/food mixture. Must investigate.
Prepare time: 20 min.

Kodomo no Hi Bento

On left: somen & carrots; mochi; edamame; strawberry bits
On right: white rice; teddy gramhn; nori; furikake....
Comments: Blah just something thrown together since May 5th is Kodomo no Hi, aka "Children's Day"(post WWII) or "Boy's Day"(pre-WWII). They fly koi flags to represent strength and success so... yeah. I also put the little teddy bear in a school boy's cap and gave him a bag since that area seemed plain with just the flaggies. Another tradition of Children's Day is kashiwa-mochi(mochi w/ anko wrapped in an oak leaf) unfortunately I'm out of anko and have no leaves(though I did try using my fake divider ones only to get fed up with them) so... just the mochi, which is sweet enough without the anko for me! Maybe I should have put the snack on the side to make more room for good food though between the somen and rice I'm sure I'll be plenty full off this as is.
Prepare time: 30 min.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moo-Cow Bento

On top: white rice; nori; furikake; daikon cow; pear bird; califlower sheep; carrot letters
On bottom: okonomiyaki; edamame; strawberries; broccoli; okra; shitake mushrooms; lemon slices
Comments: Tee hee, moo-cow. How mature am I? Anywho... made alot of okomiyaki so here it is again. Good despite all things. The strawberries where tart, the okra oddly slimy, the edamame lacking, and the rice too flavorful. Yet... I ate it all and loved it.
Prepare time: 35 min.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Bento Box

Moomin Bento Box, mircrowaveable and so cute I could resist! It measures 4.75 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches so it's a good size for those days I'm not that hungry or simply as a snack bento for days I plan on eating out later. Either way it is cute!

Also got some little snack/condiment container thingies. One set in blue and one in pink.

Plain Traditional Bento

On left: white rice; strawberry bit
On right: okonomiyaki; strawberry of soy sauce; salad; and mandrian oranges
Comments: Had about 30-40 minutes left to get ready for school when I woke up this morning so... yeah. Simple. Lucky I'd made okonomiyaki last night planning on packing it today so I had something to eat. Only issue being no design. This is the only time I've ever managed to make some fresh rice despite waking so late. Back to making it the night before!
Prepare time: 25 min.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bento for Two

.panda bento.
On top: spring rolls; strawberry of soy sauce; carrot; daikon & cucumber slices; baby corn; edamame
On bottom: rice; nori; bamboo shoots; snap peas
Comments: It's a panda. *knods* Not to planned out... *shrug* It was filling though, barely finished my rice.


.ICP bento.

On left: spring rolls; strawberry of soy sauce; daikon & cucumber slices; carrot; baby corn; edamame

On right: rice; furikake; nori; daikon Comments: She'd been asking for a bento so I go and pack her a bento, even carefully carve the daikon into the ICP logo thing even though I hate it only to have her choose that day to not come to school. *sigh* Oh well it was fun to make two at once, it gave me that 'wifey' feeling.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Gloomy Bento

On top: edamame; rice; nori
On bottom: strawberry of soy sauce; deep fried tofucubes; broccoli; carrot sticks; sushi(carrot/celery)
Comments: *shrug* Nothing too special. Need to go grocery shopping. Thinking of starting another blog for non-bento meals as I'm getting more into cooking yet some things don't seem right for bento. Heh, sad is that I like making food alot more than the actual eating. Making part of the point in starting this pointless(that being getting me eating more), on weekends I'll forget to eat without a bento or going out to eat. Maybe I need to talk to someone about this. I live almost off rice now since I'll make some extra when I make my bento and eat that for dinner. Maybe if I cook even more I'll eat even more. That has to work, especially with my dislike in wasting food. *grin*
Prepare time: 35 min.