Monday, May 01, 2006

Gloomy Bento

On top: edamame; rice; nori
On bottom: strawberry of soy sauce; deep fried tofucubes; broccoli; carrot sticks; sushi(carrot/celery)
Comments: *shrug* Nothing too special. Need to go grocery shopping. Thinking of starting another blog for non-bento meals as I'm getting more into cooking yet some things don't seem right for bento. Heh, sad is that I like making food alot more than the actual eating. Making part of the point in starting this pointless(that being getting me eating more), on weekends I'll forget to eat without a bento or going out to eat. Maybe I need to talk to someone about this. I live almost off rice now since I'll make some extra when I make my bento and eat that for dinner. Maybe if I cook even more I'll eat even more. That has to work, especially with my dislike in wasting food. *grin*
Prepare time: 35 min.


TeaPriestess said...

I've never done fried tofu cubes...are they crispy outside/soft middled? I may have to try that soon...

Asia said...

I did it on a whim, just dusting the tofu in flour and frying. Tasted kind of like tenpura. So yeah kinda crispy on the outside and softer middle.

Nyanko said...

I do tofu in potato starch. It's really crispy when you eat it right and then some of it gets this neat chewy texture when you reheat it/slather it with sauce.

The potato starch helps to make for less splatters when you're frying it (and dry the tofu on a paper towel first). *wisdom from my Mommy* It's one of the first things I learned to make :) It tastes SOOO good!