Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bento for Two

.panda bento.
On top: spring rolls; strawberry of soy sauce; carrot; daikon & cucumber slices; baby corn; edamame
On bottom: rice; nori; bamboo shoots; snap peas
Comments: It's a panda. *knods* Not to planned out... *shrug* It was filling though, barely finished my rice.


.ICP bento.

On left: spring rolls; strawberry of soy sauce; daikon & cucumber slices; carrot; baby corn; edamame

On right: rice; furikake; nori; daikon Comments: She'd been asking for a bento so I go and pack her a bento, even carefully carve the daikon into the ICP logo thing even though I hate it only to have her choose that day to not come to school. *sigh* Oh well it was fun to make two at once, it gave me that 'wifey' feeling.

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