Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wake Up Bento

On top: tofu scramble; mandrians; asian pear; fruit loops; and Kashi cinnamon wheat
On bottom: white rice; nori; carrot; daikon; okonomiyaki
Comments: Yay, a nice simple breakfast foods bento. Made after I slept through the morning hours, lol. Nice little bed of carrots for a me made of a daikon face/hand and nori hair/arm. Despite not being quite what I wanted in the top, due to finding the house rather void of fruits, it still turned out pretty okay. *grin* Hope I have time to eat it all at work.
Prepare time: 45 min.(would have been shorter if I hadn't hit it before pressing the nori down firmly thus sending everything scattering across the table... ruining it.... *sigh*)

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