Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tiger Bento

On left: rice; carrot; daikon; nori; furikake
On right: carrot; daikon; croquettes; veggie stir fry; and strawberry of soy sauce
Comments: Testing the packing of the Hello Kitty head bento. Turns out that despite it's size just like any other box with proper packing skills it's more than enough food. This bento was easy to make since it involved all foods that I'd already premade all of it, still have some left in the frig. *grin*
Prepare time: 20 min.


Flareia said...

You have a wonderful blog! All your bento meals look delicious and creative x]

Lol. I'm 5'0" and soon to be 18 too.

Asia said...

Hail shortness! Lol. Thank you for your comments. ^.^