Friday, May 12, 2006

Zombie Kitty Bento

On top: Amy's Bowl: brown rice & veggies; zombie kitty(nori, rice, lettace); brains(mochi bits)
On bottom: carrot; lettuce; tofu fishies; waterchestnuts; and lemon slices
Comments: I woke up way late again but this time... muhahahaha... this time I managed to salvage face and put on a good presentation. Presenting one of my own little creations: Zombie Kitty! 'Born' of one of the originial attempts by the Hive to use the T-Virus on animals. Now 'it' walks the earth munching on brains and mifu (tofu mice). ^.^
I AM A DORK! Lol. Sensei seemed to love it. And I think I've found that my orange/cherry bento boxes are the best size for me as I managed to finish most of this. *grin* All that remains is a bit of lettuce, a grain or so of rice, leftover mochi bits, and two chestnuts.
Prepare time: 20 min.

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