Monday, May 08, 2006

Spring Bunny Bento

On left: rice(white & purple); cucumber butterfly; strawberry roses; nori
On right: kebabs(tofu, green pepper, and onion); carrot flowers
Comments: This bento can also be called the 'Asia got veggie cutters' bento. I was at the store Saturday found all these little cookie cutters in the arts & craft section. They had a romance pack, an animal pack, and a general pack. I got the romance pack because it had flowers and hearts. ;p
The only drawback of this bento would be in my lack of appetite lately. I ate the tofu, nibbed the veggies, and forced down half the rice. Don't know what's up with me, it was all delish yet... I just wasn't feeling up to eating. Then again I packed one of the snack containers with about six or seven of these veggie chips and ate all those... though 6-7 chips hardly qualifies as spoiling my appetite... right?
Not sure if there will be bento tomorrow, I have AP Gov't testing in the morning. *shudder*
Prepare time: 35 min.

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