Monday, April 03, 2006

Bowling Tournament Bento(s)

.snack bento.
on left: daikon, carrots, edamame
on right: 20 mini pretzels
comments: Going to a bowling tournament I decided to pack this as a real quick snack not knowing if I would find vegan friendly foods at the other alley(not a real meal since only bowling 3 games)
prepare time: 10 min.

.bowling bento.
on top: rice and nori
on bottom: chicken-free nuggets, carrots, strawberries, mochi, and celery
comments: For the second day of the bowling tournament we played six games so I packed a more proper bento, this time themed. If you can't guess the kata over the bowling ball and pins says 'Bouringu' or 'Bowling'. This a pretty good meal though I lost a few bits of strawberry to my mother-person and only ate a small bit of the mochi, despite there being so little to begin with, I'd knicked it off the Japanese club food sale during the Mikado, okay, that's a lie... Alex said I could swipe it since they didn't think they'd sell anymore.
prepare time: 30 min.

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