Thursday, April 27, 2006

Penguin Love Bento

On top: chicken-free nuggets; edamame; strawberries; asian pear bits; carrot fish
On bottom: white rice; fruit leather; strawberry heart; carrot
Comments: Awwwwww, theys in wuv. Guess I wasn't too hungry today, ended up leaving behind two of the chicken-free nuggets, most the strawberries, and a chunk or two of the pear. All in all it was delish though. Yay for fruit leather and how easy it is to cut compared to nori when in a hurry! ;p
Not sure what else to say, thinking of packing Jeanie a bento tomorrow along with my own. Shhhh, it's a secret until then. Debating between a cute theme or an ICP theme. Oh yeah, giving a presentation in Japanese Club on May 9th about bento. Thinking of packing all my bento boxes with the most basic of lunches and sharing them with the group. Will make up for not getting to pack a picnic bento for them when the cherry blossum viewing was cancelled on account of rain.
Prepare time: 30 min.


Nyanko said...

*SQUEE* Your bento is the cutest! I love them :)

What does the sweet stuff and the rice taste like? Does it take getting used to? Is it kind of like inari sushi?

Is it okay for me to link you on my blog? (is that wierd to ask? I feel a bit wierd...a friend told me about your blog the other day and I'm so glad! I want to make cute bento like yours, but I'm having problems with just the cooking part *cry*)

Asia said...

Do you mean the fruit leather? It actually tasted even better than I excepted. Kind of like the way anko would taste with rice except not so intoxicatingly sweet.
Sure, feel free to link. I don't think it's really weird to ask as others have. *shrug* Thank you for the compliments though. *grin*
Oh and I never really was into cooking or anything before I started this so *shrug* Good way to get into cooking for one's self I suppose.

Nyanko said...

Thank you :) I'll put up a link soon *is a bit lazy*

Oh, so it's kind of like a mochi-type thing? Neat. I might have to try it :)