Monday, April 10, 2006

No-So-Spooky Bento

On left: baby corn; carrots; daikon ghostie; bamboo shoots; mushrooms; edamame; vegan chick'n
On right: white rice; nori; mushrooms skulls
Comments: In light of all the cutsey bento I must reclaim my gothness, even if it is in a quickie bento for work the somehow turned out alittle bit cute anyways. *sigh*
This was all rushed and I'd planned more to go with the web yet in my rush was happy to realise that mushrooms might make good skulls, threw them together, snapped this shot, and ran off to get ready for work. *knods*
This was really my first, and hopefully only, rushed bento of Spring Break due to the idea of going to the store before making it, to get more veggies, and then putting off making it until about an hour before work(like to have half an hour to get ready and get there leaving only 30 min for making this and cleaning up...)
Prepare time: 30 min.

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Janna said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I have to say it's my new favorite bento blog! ^__^ The things that you've been making lately are so cute and look so yummy. I'm a vegan as well and I'm a big fan of asian food.. particularly Japanese.

I've been experimenting with bento style lunches lately and I'm having trouble finding things that taste good cold. Hehe. Before finding your blog I was getting most of my ideas from but I hope that you don't mind if I experiment with some of the things you've been making! The riceball bunnies would definately be an awesome thing for me to contribute to our Easter meal. =]

I also wanted to add that I friended you on myspace. My screen name is xerani. ^-^