Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Outcast Penguin Bento

On top: somen noodles; edamame; soy octodogs; baby corn; carrot slices; water chestnuts; curry croquette; romane lettace; strawberry of soy sauce
On bottom: white rice; nori; carrot
Comments: In some ways I just wanted to see how much food variety I could manage to pack in one bento thus resulting in a bento that after munching on through three blocks in school still has all the baby corn(3), the lettace, a water chestnut(1), and one of the penguins left.
Weird penguins... poor oddball penguin. Don't ask, I don't really know. Except that I wanted to make penguins. Though I like em... maybe I shouldn't have been lazy and done more with the outcast one though. It was early and I was getting tired, though I did feel very productive this morning.
Prepare time: who knows...

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