Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weird Love(?) Bento

On top: Hitonigiri("rice people?" rice, soy sauce, soba noodles, nori); carrot hearts; and broccoli
On bottom: banana slices; grapes; nori maki rice crackers; shitake mushrooms; and carrots
Comments: What happens when an emo falls for a ganguro? This bento apparently. Yes... the weird one with the soba hair is a ganguro, so sad. Don't ask about it. I was looking at cookie cutters and found one human shaped so... yeah that doesn't even begin to act as an explanation. Basically all I really can say is the picnic was cancelled today due to rain & change in plans leaving me bored... I should never be bored and left to my own whims least stuff of this nature is to be produced. ^.^
Either way it was good and filling sans yucky mushrooms and soggy rice crackers. *grins* Tee hee.
Prepare time: 40 min.

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