Monday, June 12, 2006

Raccoon Bento

On left:
On right:
Comments: If I hadn't slept in to late I would have boiled more brocolli and mixed some soy sauce into the rice for the raccoon so he wouldn't be white... ;p
My appetite problem is back and I hardly wish to eat anymore, nibbled at my bento but not much more... *sighs*
Today was the last offical day of classes though I have two finals to take(math analysis & japanese III) so two more school bento to come before... well should I pack when I go to college? Would there be purpose in that? I'll still pack for work and certain activities though...
Prepare time: 15 min.


Anonymous said...

Rascal my friend....ARAIGUMA RASCAL bento isn't it ^^ delish !

Anonymous said...

the racoon looks so cute!

nik nak said...


Holly said...

This is absolutely adorable. I'm a vegan too and I love bento-styled lunches. I'm looking for a bento box now, actually. Your pictures gave me a bunch of great ideas, so thanks for sharing!