Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 Bento

On left: root bear candies; edamame; blueberries; pineapple; and watermelon
On right: simply asia sweet and sour chow mein & curry filled devil hello kitty onigiri(rice, curry, nori, corn nose, strawberry)
Comments: It's 06/06/06, what can I say? Made it yummy with the curry filled evil kitty, ^.^
The only thing not so wonderful was the chow mein, too sweet & soury for me. In all I didn't finish that, the pineapples, and the blueberries. Probably didn't help to have eaten all the candies before starting on the real meal, lol. Couldn't help it, so good.
Prepare time: 35 min.

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Tigerlily said...

Mmm, those root beer candies are vegan? Yay!