Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Weather Bento

On left: rice; nori; furikake; carrot bits
On right: seiben crackers; rice crackers; edamame; carrots; soy ginger chicken
Comments: La vetero estas malbona=the weather sucked. It looked like it was going to be hurricane like though in the end passed fairly well, even before I got around to eating! Made after a trip to Fortune, local asian supermarket, thus the new goodies. I had great hopes for the soy ginger chicken after discovering that Fortune had a vegetarian/vegan section in the back of the frozen goods yet... it made me sick. :( Maybe I should give up on non-nugget like chicken replacement foods as they always hurt my stomache.
Prepare time: 30 min.


Evangeline said...

Cool blog!!

doja said...

you have some of the cutest bentos ever. i come here seeking inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful blog! i hope you keep posting -- i'm not finding many vegan bento blogs... :)

Anonymous said...

" I dare ya to call me close minded about anything"


You're only 18!

Just by looking at your profile here's some shit I'm sure you're closed minded about:

eating meat
organized religion
not trying to stand out so much
prom queens
being good looking

HAnd holy shit, what's up with everyone becoming Wapanese in the past 3 years anyway?

Anonymous said...

Having login issues so responing
under 'anonymous' to ^
Exactly... I'm 18. What do I have to be closeminded about? It's a big world out there and I feel it's hardly worth shutting anyone out. Oh and...
eating meat - this is a personal choice. I'm the only veg I know(irl) and I don't pester people about it...
organized religion - i was raised as a roman catholic and moved to paganism though still love learning about religion(history/beliefs/ect...)
not trying to stand out so much - what?
prom queens - if wasn't friends with two of the people who ran(by default the winner as well) or I might have run myself.
being good looking - again... what?

Are you so lacking in a life that you feel the need to harass someone while online? Especially over a jokingly worded decription of someone you've never met? Meesh. Mofoness.