Monday, March 20, 2006

Curry Bento

On left: white rice
On right: curry(onions, carrots, potatoes, tofu)
Comments: YAY!!! Curry! I love making curry. No matter what you put in it tastes and smells fantastic. *drools* Not to mention it's super easy to make. Took too blocks to finish, again, and I had to force myself to polish it off though it was mainly due to wearing my corset today. Heh, when I removed it after school that stuffed content feeling went away and I was so hungry, lol. Corsets are so weird. Anywho, back to the curry, still got 2/5 left.
Prepare time: 25 min. (15 for just the curry, rice was being difficult today and I made too much *frown*)

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