Thursday, March 23, 2006

Penguin Bento

On left: Penguinigiri(rice, carrots, nori); salad; edamame; and soy dog crab-thingie
On right: yakisoba(w/ bean sprouts); daikon(in egg form); strawberries; soy octodogs; edamame; carrot bites; and lemon slices(not to eat!)
Comments: Muhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Everyone was in love with this bento and I, for one, am uber proud of it. So adorable in every way! I even made up a story about it when I noticed the penguin looks alittle sad.
It goes that the penguin army was being invaded by the 'things from the sea w/ legs' federation and in this, while the crab kept the penguin preoccupied, the octobrothers swiped the penguin's eggs! So sad. By time the penguin realised what happened it was too late! *sobs* I'm an uber dork, I know!!!
Prepare time: 45 min.

1 comment:

Abigail said...

as another vegan virginian lesbian, may I just say, you RULE! I am just getting into bento and your blog has got me all xcited about the awesomeness!!!!