Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Bento

Contents: white rice w/ furikake; 2 brocoli(sp?); edamame; cucumber slices; grapes; and veggie flavored rice crackers.
Comments: Wheeee!!! So GREEN!!!! I showed it to sensei and she gasped and pointed "Midori!" Lol. Hee hee. Eating it though I realised that, without meaning to, I've become a veggie lover. All in one week I've gone from 'down with veggies!' to 'wheeee!!!! edamame! daikon! cucumbers! carrots! VEGGIES!!!'
Most people loved the appearance of this one even though my english teacher said it was too little food. Too little? Took two blocks to eat! Maybe it's just me...
Anywho... I also brought a bag of the Snaku to school to introduce to people. Very mixed reactions, some liked them others scowled. Others still grinned and agreed they were like a healthy version of Cheetos, delishness!
In other food related news the sushi place down the street, Inaka, finally opened!!!! YAY! I've definately got to stop in sometime this weekend, *grin*
Prepare time: 15 min.


jeni4 said...

i stumbled upon this site, saw the link on the peta messege board. love it. i've been doing an whole lot of cooking in the last year or so, so i'm borrowing your idea and making my own blog to post photos of my meals. awesome.

Asia said...

Heh, I actually got the idea from various Japanese bento blogs, such fun.

Anonymous said...

Your sensei and I are agreed here. The first thought in my mind was "Midori!"