Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pirates of the Bento

On top: white rice; daikon; nori
On bottom: daikon pirates; soy octodogs; apples; carrots; edamame; broccoli; nori
Comments: Arggggg ye matey! This here be me pirate bento. Though it be that last night I twas pondering on making me a Kingdom Hearts bento, with one of them there heartless, to be celebrating the game having it's second part released I found it mighty hard to be resisting a pirate theme. Though all tis not last as it be that in Kingdom Hearts 2 the movie Pirates of the Carribean be making a splash.
*cough* I can only type like that for so long. Pirates=luv to ta da!!! In the bottom one it might be hard to see but the carrots are cut into flames and part of an apple is a house behind the pirates... yep they be burning the house down. *cough again*
Prepare time: 40 min.

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Lanthir said...

That's so effing awesome!