Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Home!

Well... I've determined I'm quite lazy and it's high time to move the Vegan Bento into a home where I don't have to bother with the layout, I'm just too busy to finish the template right now. Anywho since hardly anyone knows bento, I'll explain...

What is a bento?
A bento is a traditional japanese lunch meal typically portioned in 1/2 rice & 1/2 other(2/3 "meat"/main food & 1/3 veggies).

Why a vegan bento?
Cause I'm vegan... ;p What would be the point of me making a non-vegan bento? Though I must say it's frustrating keeping a traditional style bento vegan, most recipes containing eggs and/or fish, it's worth it.

Why blog the vegan bento?
Easy answer: I'm proud of my bentos and like to show them off.
Other answer: Ummm.... get people who love Japanese culture to see that veganism is possible while remaining with the goodies of a Asian foods. This also gives me a way to make sure I'm staying ontop of eating good meals.

All bentos from 2/1-3/10 will be located at the base site of As of 3/12 all new ones will be posted up here... hopefully.

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