Monday, March 27, 2006

White Cat Bento

On top: Nekonigiri(rice, nori, salt); nori maki rice crackers; romane lettace
On bottom: 2 gyoza; blood oranges; edamame; strawberry of soy sauce; and cucumber slices
Comments: Unoriginal... I know. Just wanted to try a different style kitty bento, *points* lookie what cute 'ittle paws! That was the first part I ate! lol. *cough* Gave the gyoza faces as well, and cut the tops to make them look like they have ears, though Evil Jeebus said they look like foxes more than anything. Delish either way.
Prepare time: 45 min.

1 comment:

Lanthir said...

Kawaii! The gyoza really do look rather fox-ish, but that certainly isn't a bad thing.
Ooo, a picnic bento, eh? That's always fun. (^_^)